Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has had a bit of spotlight time again with the Pokemon Go craze. Augmented reality uses our own reality and enhances it in some way - a lively experiment, a beating heart, an erupting volcano... Check out the video created by Mashable to the left and the resources and links to apps listed below. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to look into ways you can use Augmented Reality in the classroom.

Apps with Premade Triggers

Apps that use colouring images as a trigger - the user colours the image and uses the app to make it come to life.

  • Quiver A New Zealand based app that has a range of free and paid resources for students to modify Android iOS
  • ChromVille A range of free and paid resources for students to make their own Android iOS
  • AR Circuits A paid app where students can make their own circuits Android iOS
  • AR Flash Cards Basic alphabet, number, shape and addition/subtraction flash cards Android iOS
  • Anatomy 4D Check out these awesome images of the body and heart Android iOS
  • Elements 4D Create your own chemical reactions Android iOS

Create Your own Augmented Reality

Use Aurasma to create Auras which you can use as target images. You need to be following your Aurasma account in order for target images to work.

Create your own Blipps to use as target images. You need to enter a code in order to get your Blipp to work.