Coding, Games

and Robots

Hour of Code

The hour of code is run each year at the beginning of December. There are many online resources for taking up this challenge this list includes a few I've had a go at using in the classroom. These are quite basic courses that take students and teachers through an introduction to coding one step at a time.

Coding Sites and Apps

Here are a few resources for creating your own games, apps and programs to share with others. These apps and sites aren't step by step tutorials they're open to use however you want to code.

  • Scratch - Students can create an account to save their work or just work as a guest a great platform with plenty of room for creation (site)
  • Scratch Junior - Check out this cute app designed for younger learners so now even little ones can control the scratch cate (app) Android iOS ChromeOS
  • Hopscotch - Use the app to create your own art and games to share with others (app) iOS
  • Touch Develop - Create your own scripts and share them with others (site)
  • Unity - Do you want to get into some more in depth coding and create your own games? check out Unity find tutorials here
  • Code Combat - text and picture based coding - some free items rest paid
  • Swift Playgrounds - along with step by step tutorials app is also capable of controlling a variety of robots. iOS app Site

Creating Your Own Games

Game Froot

A platform that allows student to create their own games. Potential to export these to the Apple Store, Chrome Web Store and Google Play store if you're willing to pay for that option.


Choose from a few templates to create your own flash game.

Games and Apps to

promote critical thinking and/or programming concepts

Apps and Sites with Coding/programming tutorials and courses

Tools for Teachers - Articles, Research, Professional Development

Thinking about coding by design

Take a look at this article published on Edutopia that looks at coding from a design perspective. Do we need to think about design before we think about code?

Computational Thinking for Educators by Google

Designed for educators, this course clearly explains computational thinking, exploring and developing algorithms, finding patterns and applying computational thinking.

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking research with scratch through Harvard. Interesting information on the definition of computational thinking into concepts, practices and perspectives.

Unplugged Activities

CS Unplugged introduces computer science concepts without the use of computers. The resrouces from CS Unplugged a free to use in the classroom.

Robots in the Classroom

Classroom Robot Commparisons

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