Google Tools for Little Learners

Using Google Tools with little learners - 5-8 year olds can be a challenge at first but is well worth persevering as the addition of being able to use these tools can help to provide learning opportunities that would not be possible without the use of the tools.

Getting Setup

Class Site or Landing Page

A great addition to any classroom's online footprint

Student Login Cards

Helping students get onto devices without teacher or other student assistance

Admin Settings

Change settings on Chromebooks to automatically enter domain details for logins. Here's the help page that explains how to do this.

Workflow Cards

Creating student agency to complete regular processes without teacher assistance

Google Classroom

A place to distribute and assess student work

QR Code Logins

Use Clever to create QR codes that can be used by students to login to Chromebooks. Demo login page here

Examples of Student Lessons, Activities, Projects

Google Slides

Check out the slide decks below and then add to this Padlet with your ideas about each activity.

A Few of Our Favourite Things

Create a Google Slide Deck that everyone can add to. Get students to use photos, videos and text to show who they are. This works great as a buddy activity too.

Click here to make a copy of this slide deck

A few of our favourite thing

A little challenge

Create a Google Slide Deck with a variety of small tasks for young learners to complete. Get them working on basic skills like copy, paste, resize, change colour and font.

Click here to make a copy of this slide deck

A Little Challenge 1

Create a Comic

Get students to collaborate in the creation of a comic or create their very own. These templates are also very useful for things like learning stories.

Comic Book Templates

Where in New Zealand are we?

This one might be a little harder for younger learners but there are plenty of ways to use this idea. Can you match the New Zealand towns and cities to the correct location on the map? Each of the names are actually images created in drawings and then exported as png files. The map is an image that has been placed in the background.

Click here to make a copy of this slide deck

Other Activities

Google Sheets

What do we know about...

Use Google Sheets and forms to create your own survey about your classroom get students to check out the graph as the survey is answered and draw conclusions from the graph. Once students are more aware of what is happening they can work with you to create their own surveys and even their own graphs.

Click here to make a copy of this Google Sheet & Form

Our Favourites (Responses)

Pixel Art

Create a bit of fun with your Google Sheet and conditional formatting. Use it to make pixel art or just to create patterns with your younger learners. Can they make a checkerboard? can they make a mountain?

Click here to make a copy of this Google sheet

Pixel Art

Google Drawings


Another little fun activity that involves a lot of problems solving - tangrams. Get students to create their own or solve a tangram a buddy has created. Hours of fun in this one.

Click here to make a copy of this Google Drawing

Amazing Little Learners Teachers and Facilitators

Teachers/Facilitators in New Zealand

Jordan Priestly (GoogleET, Google Educator L2)



Michael Davidson (GoogleEI, GoogleET, Google Educator L2)



Teachers/Facilitators Overseas

Alice Keeler


Christine Pinto


Susan Stewart


Primarily Google