Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Essentially Virtual Reality is putting on a device that immerses you in a new reality. This reality might be a simulation of something real or a completely made up reality. Here are a few more complex explanations of what Virtual Reality (VR) is...


Check out this video from Mashable's YouTube channel, an oldie but a goodie explaining what Virtual Reality is and how it works.

Virtual Reality Views and Experiences

A few of my favourite 360 videos...

Remember to watch them full screen in Cardboard/VR mode with your VR headset or use your mouse to move around the video from within your browser.


Check out YouTube's 360 Video Channel for more great videos. This contains user created video so proceed with caution if viewing videos with a younger audience.

Virtual Reality Apps

  • Discovery VR A wide variety of VR experiences brought to you by the Discovery Channel Android iOS
  • Google Speak to Go Not technically a app - just a web page that is VR capable - speak and go places site
  • Google Street View See street view in VR Android iOS
  • JauntVR A variety of VR experiences from news broadcasts to mini-series some won't be suitable for younger viewers Android iOS
  • Lamper Cardboard A cute little firefly running game Android iOS
  • NYT VR New York Times VR many stories available in this app Android iOS
  • Sketch Fab A massive library of 3D creations you can view in VR Android iOS
  • Space Shuttle Tour Take a walk in a space shuttle Android
  • Sisters Turn off the lights and turn up the sound Android iOS
  • Sites VR A variety of VR experiences from around the world Android iOS
  • Star Wars Experience some great movie scenes in VR Android iOS
  • Titans of Space Take a short tour around the solar system Android
  • Within A range of great VR experiences within one app Anroid iOS

Use your professional judgement when it comes to deciding on apps to use with your students, make sure you throughly check each one for appropriateness especially if using with younger students.

Google Expeditions

Download the app here Android iOS

Google Expeditions allows you or one of your student's to guide expeditions for those that are connected to you.

You can find a list of all the Google Expeditions and lesson plans here.

Not sure what devices you need check here for details

Map of where current expeditions are

Create Your Own Virtual Reality

360 Cameras

If you're really keen check out some of the 360 cameras on offer. I use the Ricoh Theta S at the moment. There are quite a few others on the market. Why not do some exploring and see which one suits you best.

Google Street View

Create your own 360 degree photos using the Street View app. You can then upload these to Google Maps using your Google Plus account.

Android iOS

Publish your 360 Videos, Images and other Creations


This is a fantastic tool for creating VR experiences with and for your students


Check out this playlist of tutorials for using CoSpaces

Ever wanted to go inside a painting... check out the video to the left posted by Breathing Art on Facebook

Here's how Art Attack and George Peaslee created Starry night using Tilt Brush (different to the one above)

More Links

  • Periodic Table of AR and VR Apps for iOS by Mark Anderson - here